Multi-genre music producer & DJ Alex Dickson, aka Pugilist, has been producing and releasing music for over 10 years under various aliases. 2016 gave birth to the Pugilist alias and it didn’t take long for subsequent releases on labels such as Whities, Artikal Music, Nous Disques, Trusik, Temple of Sound, Modern Hypnosis and more.

Pugilist’s style spans many genres all falling under the bass umbrella. He masters the art of using few elements, superbly crafted and executed, to create compelling stories within his tracks. Full of swing and percussive-driven emotion, it’s tough to listen to his tunes without wanting to get up and dance.

The prolific output and versatility of Pugilist’s discography has gained DJ support from the likes of Gilles Peterson, Pinch, Nic Tasker, Objekt, Kenneth Christiansen, Batu, Laksa, Stenny, Forest Drive West, Mosca, Doc Scott, Samuel Kerridge, Orson & more.

Pugilist is based in Melbourne and travels to Europe and the US from April – September each year.
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Mohrenstrasse 37 10117 Berlin


+49 480 708 020


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