Nikki Nair

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Nikki Nair is an American music producer and DJ. His music is better defined by its contradictions rather than its consistency. Nikki aims for his music to be as deep, silly, and chaotic as possible while still remaining honest, infectious, and easy to process. His attempt at striking this balance is likely the reason he has found and defined his own space in the nebulous world of electronic music.

Nikki’s DJ sets typically weave together music from a variety of eras and scenes. Although the track selections might appear disparate on paper, his sets are built in service of the dancefloor, providing drama and tension, as well as release and ecstasy.

 Ultimately, Nikki simply aims to push his own music further than it has gone before. For him, this is a process of distilling the chaos of what is unfamiliar to him into something beautiful. Best described by Nikki himself, “My released music will always change, but will always be raw because it is only good when I am grasping at new ideas.”
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Mohrenstrasse 37 10117 Berlin

+49 480 708 020


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