Mani Festo

Mani Festo is a champion for the transportive, perception-altering power of club music. His productions are a juxtaposition of inspiration, finding the nuances between genres and styles. He is focused on a mission to avoid obvious trends, whilst carving out a unique space in the musical zeitgeist of our time.

He uses his expressive productions, live performances and Dj sets to tell this story, approaching each with the same vision and technical execution that enables him to narrate a captivating world of cerebral machine music. Pulsating synthesizer loops, syncopated breakbeat rhythms and intricate sound design have all become a part of the Mani Festo sound. Which has seen him count labels such as Fabric, Sneaker Social Club, Rupture, Shall Not Fade & Hooversound as regular outlets, whilst wielding his own imprints Club Glow & Flightpath to great effect.

Having lived a life around sound systems and raves, embarking on missions into forests and warehouses in his youth and counting most of his formative experiences around festivals and clubs. His deep understanding and love of this culture is something that comes across clearly in his work. From production to design, djing to live performance. Mani Festo is committed to electronic music in all of its forms, on a journey that respects all that has come before, with an appetite to explore and discover new routes into the future.
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Mohrenstrasse 37 10117 Berlin

+49 480 708 020


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