There’s a blistering urgency to the sound of LMajor which is apparent the second one of his weapons-grade cuts starts rolling. Two flagship drops on esteemed rave outpost WNCL Recordings were testament to the angle the London-based producer is approaching club music from. Supple enough to skip to 2-step, shock out to hardcore or lock in to techno, what binds these styles together is his keen instinct for the grit and snarl which has made system-ready dance music so compelling for upwards of 30 years.

As well as the WNCL releases, LMajor forms a central part of the Club Glow crew alongside Borai, Denham Audio and Mani Festo. Beyond their DJ commitments, which include a monthly session on Balamii Radio, his first release on the collective label was the expansive Club Glow Vol 2 tape, gathering together a heayweight selection of original, exclusive tracks alongside Mani Festo. He also works with Corporeal Face as Local Group, holding down a residency at Field Maneuvers and releasing incendiary breakbeat and electro gear on labels like Ritual Poison. There are a lot of elements to LMajor’s presence on the contemporary rave scene – it’s little wonder his tracks are getting bumped by an ever-swelling list of critical DJs spanning genres, sending shockwaves through intense basement clubs and gargantuan festival stages alike.
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