Denham Audio

In a blizzard of breakbeats, b-lines and acid hooks, Denham Audio has brought new urgency and vitality to the modern rave scene. The sound he’s pushing is rooted in the legacy of UK hardcore, but those foundational sounds and styles are given a thorough spruce up, feeding into the buoyant areas of exploration happening between 140 and 160 BPM. Releases have been coming thick and fast, from early outings on Nineteen Ninety Four and Artifice through to a blistering run on WNCL, Frendzone! (alongside Violet), Lobster Theremin, Sneaker Social Club and more. Across these 12”s you can hear every shred of influence spilling out – from the upfront hardcore and jungle through to hip hop and reggae, and beyond the confines of music into sci-fi and anime.

As well as a relentless charge of rave-ready EPs and DJ sets spanning the UK and as far as Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin, New York and elsewhere, the Denham Audio pressure also piles into the Club Glow collective. Alongside Borai, LMajor and Mani Festo, Denham is presenting a communal front which first manifested as a tape series and now spans 12” drops, a monthly session on Balamii Radio and coordinated blitzes on appropriately sized dancehalls. It’s a natural extension of Denham’s production endeavours, succinctly captured on the SNKRX05 12” as “16v hatchback breakbeat NRG kickin’ it out of your Kenwood system.” We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.
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Mohrenstrasse 37 10117 Berlin

+49 480 708 020


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