Cassius Select

With heavy grime influences and distinctly broken beats, you might be forgiven for mistaking Cassius Select as hailing from the UK. In fact, this Toronto native has called Sydney his home for the past 8 years, but plans to make Europe his permanent base for the foreseeable future.

The Cassius Select project was never intended to fit any mould of genre but instead focuses on rhythm, groove and feel. By his own admission, Cassius Select (real name, Lavurn Lee) has never paid too much attention to BPM or associating sounds with genres, which might be one of the reasons why his music sounds so fresh. His signature combination of sparse drums and grimey vocal samples, creates an incredible sense of swing and attitude; the kind of music that makes you want to screw-face while winding on the d-floor.

And his talent is recognised far and wide, with releases on major labels like Hypercolour and Mathew Herbert’s Accidental Jr. He’s also involved in other projects including BV (FKA Black Vanilla) – a band comprising Jarred Beeler (DJ Plead) and Marcus Whale as well as Fake – an alias through which he experiments with traditional songs and structures and channels his appreciation for trap music; as with all of his others oeuvres however, this haunting flavour of rap, is almost impossible to define.

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Mohrenstrasse 37 10117 Berlin

+49 480 708 020


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