While he’s touched upon a dizzying spectrum of sounds on his obsessive trails through electronic music, Borai has been rooted in rave culture since he was a teenager tearing around Bristol dancehalls. In the here and now, he’s busy dropping bombs on his own Higher Level label and helping steer the Club Glow collective with Denham Audio, Mani Festo and LMajor, not to mention supplanting payloads on the likes of Infiltrate, THEM, Hotline and more besides.

With a day job cutting plates for Dubstudio and a legacy of vinyl hustle in shops around Bristol, it’s abundantly clear how much Borai lives and breathes the culture. His groaning racks of outboard gear and all-round tech obsession are equally testament to that, and the proof is in the results. ‘Make Me’, a collaborative effort with Denham Audio, was a tear out success getting prime time plays from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac. This dual purpose of underground rave exaltation and universal appeal are key to what makes Borai such a vital proposition, on the airwaves, on the stereo and in the dance.
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Mohrenstrasse 37 10117 Berlin

+49 480 708 020


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